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Bye Bye... I'm 'Moving'

Hey all! Lol, well, when I say moving, it's more like re-locating... um... that is to say, changing my LJ name, lol. Well, it's been almost 2 years since I started this particular LJ and to cut a long story short I'd like a change of scenery... plus the name's a little more personal for me. So yeah, if you just comment on my new LJ and add me as a friend I'll re-add you ^_^
I'm moving to veritaz_vincit. I'm still in the process of updating, making my new layout, etc, etc... um, also it's got the last three days down. Basically it says what's happened with my Grandad and such, what's happening and what's going to happen *le sai* This will also be a way for me to clean up my Friend's list [since it's gotten so huge]. A big thank you to those that actually commented and helped me through my boredom, depression, etc, etc. Also for sharing the good times [though there many not have been many] with me ^_~ XD *glompeth* One last thing before I go, lol. The comment stats, I'll post that up [I'm a little curious at the moment :P]...

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29blood_neophyte3 3
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32wizardlings2 2
33charlie_boi2 2
34anarya_sun2 2
35almost_without2 2
36journal_gurl131 1
37y_a_o_i1 1
38graysanatomy1 1
39sagiri1 1
40bartelli1 1
41dittany1 1
42lumenlupin1 1
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Much love, Verity/Unebriwen/Uney/Shinjitsu ^_^
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